Membership Application Procedures and Details

  • Submit applications and related supporting document;
  • Membership certificate will be issued upon settlement of membership fee.
  • Industry practitioners of environmental science and technology who participated in conference, training and other activities organized by GBACNA can apply to exempt the membership fee. For companies that donate, support the events of GBACNA and make contribution to the GBACNA can apply to exempt the membership fee.
  • Individuals or companies that have seriously violated academic ethics or professional ethics, or bad credit rating are not eligible to apply for membership of GBACNA.


Annual Fee

  • Annual fee for Institutional membership: HK$10,000
  • Annual fee of Individual membership: HK$800


Membership Requirement

  • Concern about environmental protection or related fields of scientific research, education, production and services, with a good environmental image and social reputation;
  • Support Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, China, global carbon neutrality policies, and formulate energy conservation and emission reduction targets;
  • Support the establishment of carbon peak targets;
  • Support the establishment of carbon neutrality targets; and
  • Care about environmental protection.



  • Enjoy the technical and financial services provided by GBACNA;
  • Higher priority and privilege to participate in the events of GBACNA and its branches;
  • Access to relevant publications, academic materials and related information services of GBACMA is available on a priority, preferential or free basis;
  • The right to criticize and monitor the work of GBACNA;
  • Receive recognition award and talent recommendation from GBACNA;
  • Individuals or companies that actively participate in the events of GBACNA and enhance the influence of GBACNA can be nominated as the Broad member of GBACNA;
  • Membership is applied on a voluntary basis and all members are free to withdraw from the membership.



  • Promote GBACNA and introduce more like-minded members to join GBACNA;
  • Actively participate and promote event of GBACNA;
  • Actively assist the work of GBACNA, complete the tasks assigned by GBACNA, and contribute to the development of GBACNA;
  • Report industry development situation to GBACNA, and provide relevant information;
  • Actively assist GBACNA in recruiting more members;
  • Settle membership fee;
  • Members should notify GBACNA in writing of their membership withdrawal. Members who do not settle membership fee for more than one year or do not participate in the event of GBACNA for no reason, and do not improve upon receipt reminder from GBACNA, shall be deemed as withdrawal from the membership;
  • If a Member commits serious violation of national laws or regulations, or causes any damage to the interests or reputation of GBACNA, a motion shall be proposed by the Committee and the member shall be removed from the membership by a vote of the Broad.