Founding Members

Founder: Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited (share code: 8320.HK)

Founded in 1994, Allied Environmental Consultants Limited is a Hong Kong based pioneer sustainability and environmental consulting firm, striving to provide one-stop on-demand services for our clients covering five business areas, including (a) Green and Healthy Building; (b) Acoustics, Audiovisual, Lighting and Theatre Planning; (c) Environmental Consultancy and Sustainable Design; (d) Green Finance, Sustainability Strategies and ESG; and (e) Smart and Green Internet of Things (IoT). Our holding company, Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited (“AEC Group”; Stock Code: 8320), is the first listed sustainability and environmental consultancy service provider in Hong Kong.

Today, AEC Group is an award-winning sustainability and environmental consulting firm with an extensive portfolio spanning Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asia Pacific region. We strive to offer independent and professional advice to our clients, positively transform the environment and communities, and shape a sustainable future for the world. 

Our projects cover (i) residential buildings including public and private housings; (ii) commercial buildings including office buildings, plaza, data centre and mixed usage building; and (iii) public usage building and infrastructure including academic buildings, government complex, district cooling system, football pitch, public library, public transport interchange, hospital and swimming pool. Our clients include property developers and owners, government authorities and public bodies, architects and designers and contractors. We have established a stable and long-term relationship with our clients. 

AEC Group strives for our goal of net zero carbon business operation by 2030. The Group has also joined ranks of WorldGBC Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators, collaborating closely with World Green Building Council in the Asia Pacific Region to increase confidence and momentum towards a net zero built environment. AEC Group shall provide further insights, as well as resource the roll out of WorldGBC's Advancing Net Zero programme, a global project working towards total sector decarbonization by 2050, in the Asia Pacific region. 

AEC Group is currently a member of the following professional organizations:


Green and healthy buildings

Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).

American Green Building Society (USGBC).

China Green Building and Energy Efficiency (Hong Kong) Committee (CGBC(HK).

BRE Academy

International WELL Institute of Architecture

USGBC Education Partner

World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Net Zero Partner

USGBC Greater China Top 10 Roundtable Members 2019

USGBC Faculty

LEED Fellow

Leading Energy and Environmental Design Recognition Specialist (LEED  AP).

British Institute of Architecture Environmental Assessment Methodology Accreditation Specialist (BREEAM AP).

BreeAM Assessment Methodology Auditor (BREEAM Assessor) at the British Institute of Architecture

China's green building evaluation logo management expertise

WELL Certified Specialist (WELL AP).

IWBI Health Equality Advisor

Member companies of Fitwel Asia Advisory Board 2019-2020

ESG and Green Finance

Business Environmental Protection Association

GRESB Partner

Hong Kong Green Finance Association

Climate-related financial disclosure working group

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)recognizes solution providers

Environmental Promotion Association

GRI Community

BRE ESG Advisory Group on Environmental Assessment Methodology of the British Institute of Architecture

Other chambers of commerce and professional bodies

Hong Kong Listed Companies Chamber of Commerce

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Hong Kong Institute of Directors

National Federation of Industry and Commerce Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and International Branch

Smart Cities Alliance

Hong Kong Construction Asset and Environmental Information Management Alliance

Hong Kong Investor Relations Association

Hong Kong Association of Independent Non-Executive Directors

Environmental, energy and professional qualifications

Register a professional engineer

Register an Energy Efficiency Reviewer

Recognize carbon auditors

Registered Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom

Qualified Environmental Protection Commissioner (QEP).


Co-founder:  Jinshan Energy Group Co., Ltd. (share code: 663.HK)

Jinshan Energy Group Co., Ltd. is an integrated energy company listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, listed on 00663HK, our new energy business mainly includes photovoltaic, wind energy and energy storage and other fields of technology research and development, equipment and product manufacturing, project investment and operation. 

          Existing businesses include oil and gas exploration and production, silver mining, asset financing services, tourism services, photovoltaic power generation and commodity trading. While continuing to advance its existing business, the Group has recently diversified its business to invest in environmentally friendly new energy, solid waste treatment and new materials, with new energy focusing on technology research and development, equipment and product manufacturing, project investment and operational management in the fields of solar energy, wind energy and energy storage

In recent years, governments around the world have been stepping up their efforts to promote sustainable finance and environment, social and governance ("ESG")policies and regulations, and investors have increasingly considered factors other than business returns such as environmental impact and social responsibility, with studies pointing out that ESG-focused businesses and green investments are more resilient to volatile market conditions under the outbreak and provide a cushion to their portfolios. Especially in the face of today's low interest rate environment, its investment performance and returns are no less, which has prompted buyers such as the Fund to pay more attention to sustainable finance and ESG and other investment issues, but also to promote enterprises to break through the inherent thinking, through change of behavior and gradually form a positive cycle, so that sustainable finance and ESG become a new financial force. 

As society and capital markets place greater emphasis on ESG, the Group continues to adjust its business strategy and gradually diversify into an integrated energy company that combines environmentally friendly energy, solid waste treatment, new materials, traditional energy and mineral extraction with financing services, commodity trading and tourism. 

Jinshan Energy believes that new energy, solid waste treatment and other projects environmental protection and produce significant economic benefits, but also in line with the world's advocacy of recycling and ecological development concepts. It is expected that the implementation of the Group's new energy projects will achieve the win-win goal of regional economic development, as well as the country, conducive to a better environment for mankind. 

Co-founder:  Huaye Gold Control Group Co., Ltd

Huaye Gold Control is a full-licensed company under the direct supervision of the SFC (subject to SFC regulation categories: Categories 1,2,4,5,6,9) IA), which holds a direct seat on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, as well as agency and futures consulting and training qualifications for global commodity futures trading within the rules. Huaye Gold Control is divided into Huaye Gold Control Securities Co., Ltd., Huaye Gold Control Capital Co., Ltd., Huaye Gold Control Finance Co., Ltd., Huaye Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd., with business throughout Hong Kong, Greater China and international markets, with an experienced technical team, with outstanding performance, prudent risk management as the principle, follow the highest business ethics standards, is a trusted futures trading partner, with the world's 23 leading futures exchanges to provide more than  150 international futures products. Based in Hong Kong, Huaye Gold Control provides a comprehensive range of financial investment services to clients worldwide, including corporate finance, capital business (license number: BIV746), securities and futures business (license number: ADJ832) asset management business (license number:  ADJ832), Insurance Brokerage (License Number: FB1858),Estate Agent (License Number:C-090296),etc.  In line with national development, the Group also provides customers with green finance and overall solutions. 

The Group is committed to becoming a traditional innovation company, professional team and landing services deep into Hong Kong, Chinese mainland, Japan, the United States and other major international financial markets. And in all walks of life have a wide range of contacts and close cooperative relations, is committed to innovative investment products and provide personalized services. Together with strategic partners in Japan and the United States, Huaye Gold Control provides targeted investment advice and one-stop financial solutions to clients around the world through a new fintech platform. To tie in with national development, Huaye Gold Control is the world's leading green finance and responsible investment professional services organization, focusing on providing customers with a variety of green financial services, including green financial consulting, all-round corporate green financing strategy, green bond issuance, sustainable development and ESG Fund, Assisted Corporate Green Credit and ESG Certification Assessment.  The Group provides green funders and project parties to assist both parties in implementing a comprehensive service solution for one-stop green financing. For enterprises to build a sustainable all-round green closed-loop ecosystem strategy, for customers to enhance green credibility, risk prevention and control, seize opportunities, promote capital to create a sustainable future, towards the country's dual carbon goals. 


Co-founder:  Ed New Energy Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (share code: 2623.HK)

Ed New Energy Investment Holdings Limited was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 27, 2012 under the ticker number:  2623.HK Headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Ed New Energy Group is an investment holding group. The main business is: First, the exploration of titanium ore, titanium concentrate, sponge titanium and high-purity titanium production and other full titanium industry chain to build; Fourth, the construction of systematic engineering projects such as improving soil and water quality as social responsibility. 

At present, Ed New Energy Group mainly owns four holding subsidiaries, namely Shandong Xingsheng Mining Co., Ltd., Linyi Luxing Titanium Co., Ltd., Tianjin Hengsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Australia Xingsheng International Resources Co., Ltd. Shandong Xingsheng Mining Co., Ltd. and Linyi Luxing Titanium Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in iron ore and titanium iron ore exploration, mining and processing to produce and sell iron concentrates and titanium concentrates business. Now has the mine Yangzhuang iron ore, Zhuge on the titanium iron ore, Qinjiazhuang titanium iron ore, Gaozhuang on the titanium iron ore and Luxing titanium industry.

Ed New Energy Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to environmental protection and governance, the company was awarded the Ministry of Land and Resources in March 2011 the  first batch of national green mine pilot units, is one of only 5 iron-bearing mines to receive this honor;  The company carried out scientific and technological research, become the tailings dry row demonstration base in Shandong Province and Shandong Province tailings dry row standards of the setter and implementer;In2011, the company was certified by the ISO19001 management system; September 2014,   Approved the establishment of a workstation for academicians in Shandong Province.  On December 10, 2015, he was qualified as a national high-tech enterprise.  In November 2021, the company held a groundbreaking ceremony for the comprehensive utilization of green low-carbon resources of the Syconium titanium iron ore mine, which uses new energy sources to solve the problem of high energy consumption and high pollution, and to achieve the perfect combination of high-quality development of the mine and green low-carbon development. 

Ed New Energy actively responds to the requirements of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" to develop the new energy industry, a strategic emerging industry, fully practice the enterprise mission of clean energy construction and operation, based on high-quality development, to maximize economic, environmental and social benefits

Founding Member: Frost and Sullivan Frost Sullivan Consulting

Frost and Sullivan Sullivan, the world's largest corporate growth consulting firm, helps clients accelerate their growth and become industry-leading growth, innovation and leadership. Sullivan's Growth Consulting Services and Sullivan's Best Practices Award help CEOs and their growth teams develop, evaluate, and implement effective growth strategies. For more than 50 years, Sullivan has provided reliable market investment and financing and strategic and management advisory services to the world's top 1,000 companies, start-ups and investment institutions from a global perspective, based in more than 40 offices on six continents. 

Sullivan was founded in New York in 1961.   In the 1970s, Sullivan established offices throughout Europe; In the 1980s, he became the world's leading industry database publisher and developed a market consulting business in the mid-1980s; Opened offices in China, Japan, Singapore and India in the 1990s; 90 To expand the growth consulting business in the late 20th century, acquire technical insights and set up the Conference Business Unit. 

He entered China in 1998 and opened the first China regional office in Beijing. By the end of 2013, Sullivan had four offices in China, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

Sullivan's research segments in China include chemicals and materials, medical and life sciences, energy and power systems, industrial and mechanical, metallurgical minerals, building materials, measurement and testing, information and communications technology, automotive and transportation, aerospace, environmental protection, food and beverage, apparel, luxury goods and collectibles, real estate, and other services sectors.












綠融智庫有限公司 ESG and Green Finance Limited


Synergy Group Holdings International Limited

頂峰中和有限公司ApexCarbon Limited


Ever State Capital